When it comes to Easter, there is no better way to show your appreciation than by making an Easter Bunny Wreath! This easy project can be completed in just a few minutes and will look amazing on your front door or porch.

To make your Easter Bunny Wreath, you will need the following supplies:

-Wreath form (any shape or size)

-Wire hanger(s)


-Ribbon or string (enough for around the wreath form)

-Easter eggs (colored if desired)

1. Start by choosing a wreath form that you would like to use. If you are using a pre-made wreath, simply place it onto the wire hanger. If you are making your own wreath, cut out a circle of cardboard or paper to fit inside the wreath form. Make sure that the circumference of the circle is smaller than the diameter of the wire hanger so that it will fit snugly. Once you have chosen your wreath form, trim off any excess material around the edge with scissors.2. Next, tie a piece of ribbon around one end of each wire hanger so that they are held together in between them. Make sure that both ends of each ribbon are long enough so that they can wrap around multiple times once they are tied together in a knot at one end.3. Take one egg at a time and insert it into the center hole on top of each ribbon loop until it is fully covered. Be sure not to twist or squish any eggs while inserting them!4. Now take both ends of each ribbon and tie them together in a knot near where they were tied together before (see picture).5 6 Finally, hang your Easter Bunny Wrift up by placing it over either side of the wire hanger where you tied off the ribbons earlier (see picture).

How do you make the bunny ears for the wreath?

To make the bunny ears for your Easter wreath, start by cutting a piece of wire about 18 inches long. Bend one end of the wire into a U-shape and then use pliers to form the other end into an ear. Make sure that the ear is symmetrical and that it's slightly larger on one side than the other. Use a hot glue gun to attach the ears to either side of the wreath frame.

Where do you find a good tutorial for making an Easter Bunny Wreath?

There are many tutorials available on how to make an Easter Bunny Wreath. Some good sources include YouTube, Google, and Pinterest. Many of these tutorials will require you to gather supplies beforehand, such as a foam Easter egg or a wire hanger.

What is the best way to shape the wire into bunny ears?

What is the best way to make a bunny nose?How do you attach the eyes and mouth?What is the best way to make a bow for the bunny’s head?

Making an Easter Bunny Wreath

Easter is one of the most special days of the year, and what could be more special than having a wreath made from colorful Easter flowers and chicks? This easy tutorial will show you how to make your very own Easter Bunny Wreath in just minutes! First, start by cutting six pieces of wire about 18 inches long. You will need two ears, two noses, two mouths, and one bow. Next, take each piece of wire and bend it into a U-shape. Make sure that each ear has an equal number of bends (six), each nose has three bends (nine), each mouth has four bends (12), and your bow should have five bends (15). Once you have completed these steps, it’s time to assemble your wreath! Start by attaching one ear to one side of the U-shape formed by your wires. Then add on another ear next to it, followed by a nose. Continue adding sections until you reach the top of your wreath. Finally, add on your mouth section and tie it in place with a knot.

How do you attach the bunny ears to the wreath form?

There are a few ways to attach the bunny ears to the wreath form. One way is to use hot glue. Another way is to use a wire hanger and a piece of string. You can also use a glue gun or an adhesive bandage.

What kind of ribbon works best for this project?

If you're looking to make an Easter Bunny wreath, the best type of ribbon to use is probably a satin or organza ribbon. These ribbons are smooth and will give your wreath a nice look and feel. Another option would be a lace ribbon, which would add a bit of extra flair to your Easter decoration.

Do you have any tips for making sure the bow turns out well?

If you're looking for a fun and easy Easter project, making a bunny wreath is definitely the way to go! Here are some tips to help make sure your bow turns out well:

  1. Start by cutting a piece of wire about 18 inches long. This will be the stem of your bunny's necktie.
  2. Next, take one end of the wire and bend it into a U-shape. Make sure that the loop on the other end is large enough to fit around your Easter egg's circumference (about 2 inches).
  3. Now, use hot glue to attach the U-shape loop to one side of an Easter eggshell. Make sure that the loop is facing outwards so that it forms a bow when completed. Glue should cover both sides of the eggshell. Let dry completely before using as decoration.
  4. To make the bow itself, take another piece of wire about 12 inches long and bend it into a simple "bow" shape (see photo below). Hot glue this onto top of your glued U-shape from step 2, making sure that both ends are covered in glue (see photo below). Allow to dry completely before using as decoration!
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How many pipe cleaners do you need for each ear?

How to Make an Easter Bunny Wreath:

  1. Start by cutting a piece of cardboard the same size as your bunny’s head. Draw a circle on the front of the cardboard and cut out around it with a sharp knife.
  2. Cut four pieces of pipe cleaner about 2-3 inches long, and two pieces about 1 inch long for each ear. Bend one end of each pipe cleaner so that it forms an “S” shape, and tuck the ends under one side of the cardboard circle. Repeat on opposite side.
  3. Stick a small ornament or bead in each hole on top of the wreath, then attach the ears using another dab of glue (or tacky tape).

Can I use hot glue instead of craft glue?

How to Make an Easter Bunny Wreath:

  1. Decide what type of wreath you would like to make. There are many different types, so choose one that appeals to you.
  2. Cut a piece of wire mesh the desired size for your wreath and glue it in place at the top of a styrofoam cone or another round object. This will be your bunny’s head.
  3. Cut out ears from foam or fabric and glue them onto the wire mesh headpiece, making sure they are pointing in the right direction (usually towards the center of the wreath). If using fabric ears, sew them on with a needle and thread before gluing them down.
  4. Paint or draw a bunny face onto some colorful felt and cut out its eyes, nose, mouth and whiskers using scissors or a craft knife. Glue these pieces onto the foam headpiece where indicated by arrows (or sew them on if using fabric ears). Allow time for the paint or marker to dry before adding any other decorations (if applicable).

What size should the Pom Poms be?

Making an Easter Bunny Wreath is a fun and easy project that can be completed in just a few minutes. The size of the Pom Poms will depend on how large you want your wreath to be, but generally they should be about twice the size of the bunny's head. To make sure that your Pom Poms are evenly spaced throughout the wreath, use a chopstick or other thin object to poke them into the surface of the dough before baking. Once baked, cool completely before decorating.

Is it better to use real or artificial greenery in this project?

There is no wrong answer when it comes to choosing the right greenery for your Easter Bunny wreath. You can use either real or artificial greenery, as both options will look great on your tree. However, if you want to save some time and effort, using artificial greenery is probably the better option.

Some of the most popular types of artificial greenery for Easter wreaths include plastic flowers and branches, foam balls, and fake leaves. All of these materials are easy to find and inexpensive, so you won't have to spend a lot of money on this project.

Another advantage of using artificial greenery in your Easter Bunny wreath is that it can be changed out seasonally. If you get a new set of flowers or leaves every year, then you'll need to replace them each year in order to keep your wreath looking fresh. With artificial greenery, you can simply replace the pieces that get worn down over time.

Should I use a styrofoam wreath form or one made of chicken wire?

Making an Easter Bunny Wreath can be fun and easy if you use the right materials. There are a few different ways to make your wreath, but the most popular is probably using a styrofoam wreath form or one made of chicken wire.

The first thing you need to do is decide what shape you want your bunny to take. You can either make it into a circle or oval, and then decide how wide you want it to be. Once you have decided on the shape, measure out how wide it is and cut out a piece of Styrofoam that is that width. Then, cut a hole in the center of the Styrofoam for your bunny's head. Next, cut two pieces of chicken wire that are about twice as long as your wreath form and overlap them by about 1 inch. Finally, put your bunny's head in the hole in the center of the Styrofoam and secure it with the chicken wire.

If you're using a chicken wire wreath form, all you need to do is tie some strings around it so that it looks like a rabbit costume. If you're using a styrofoam wreath form, just leave it as-is for now and add decorations later on (like flowers or leaves).

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