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There are a few ways to sort data in Google Sheets. You can use the sort function, which is available on both the desktop and mobile versions of Google Sheets. Alternatively, you can use the filters tool to filter your data by specific criteria.

If you want to sort your data alphabetically, you can use the A-Z sorting function. If you want to sort your data numerically, you can use the number sorting function. Finally, if you want to order your data based on a different column than its default order (for example, if you created a new column that contains the date), you can use the ordering feature in the Sort dialog box.

Tosort on google sheets pc or mac:

  1. Open Google Sheets and click on File > New > Sheet .
  2. In the New Sheet dialog box, enter a name for your sheet and click OK .
  3. On the Home tab of your spreadsheet window, under Columns , click on Sort .
  4. In the Sort dialog box that appears, select either Alphabetical or Numerical from dropdown menus and then click OK .
  5. To change how rows are sorted within each column, select one of these options from beneath Row Sorting : Ascending (rows are sorted in ascending order), Descending (rows are sorted in descending order), Custom (you specify how rows should be sorted). Click OK when finished.
  6. Close all other open windows and tabs on your computer so that only Google Sheets is open. Then press Ctrl + F11 (or Cmd + F11 ) to switch to full-screen mode.
  7. To return to normal view mode, press Esc key followed by F11 key or just press F11 again anywhere inside Google Sheets document window.
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